Witness Wonder in the Only Place in the World

Seeing sea turtles crawl from the ocean to rest on the beach is an incredible experience that most people never have the opportunity to see. Hawai‘i is the only place sea turtles do this. Experts believe they are reclaiming habitat here that was previously lost due to pressure from people hunting them.

Maintaining the minimum 10-foot respectful distance at all times and not blocking their access to/from the water helps encourage them to continue to lay out on the beaches. Plus you avoid getting a ticketed fine upwards of $1500 for harassment of this state and federally protected species.

Protect and Honor the Awe

Observing resting sea turtles is an exciting moment that can inspire feelings of wonder and awe. Being in the presence of one of nature’s most magnificent creatures is truly an amazing experience, even from 10 feet (3 meters) away.

Being a respectful viewer not only supports the safety and wellbeing of the turtles, but it also honors the Hawaiian cultural significance of the species as spiritual guardians or ‘aumākua.