Do a Little More

Your small actions are BIG to sea turtles, the local community here in Hawai’i, and the environment we all share. You can help a little more by…

  • Inspiring others by sharing your sea turtle supporter actions. You can post your respectful sea turtle photos on the hashtag #ShowOffYour10.

  • Remembering your respectfulness when you’re in the water, too. Sea turtles are protected under State and Federal Law, wherever they may roam.

  • Never feeding them, not even natural vegetation/plants (limu). Sea turtles are a keystone species and their natural foraging habits are not only critical to their own health, but also to the health and viability of other species and the ecosystem.

  • Picking up litter and fishing line. Of course you’ll take care of your own litter, but picking up even 1-2 items of litter that isn’t yours can help ensure it doesn’t end up in the ocean to potentially harm sea turtles and other marine wildlife.

  • Keeping lights, flashlights, and camera flashes OFF while you’re on the beach. If you must, use the dimmest lighting possible, keep it shielded from the water, and use red or orange colored lighting. Camera and cell phone flashes can startle and temporarily disorient adult sea turtles. Bright white lights can disorient baby sea turtles from getting to the ocean after hatching. Learn more about wildlife-friendly lighting.

  • Opting for reusable items when packing for the beach. You’ll generate less trash and usually these items are heavier and less prone to blowing away.

  • Learning more about sea turtles and what you can do:

Report a Wildlife Problem

For Emergencies
Call Hawai‘i Statewide Marine Animal Stranding, Entanglement & Reporting Hotline

For non-emergencies involving sea turtles, dolphins, seals, or whales
Email photos and videos of non-emergencies:

For Law Enforcement
Report via the Hawai‘i DLNR Tip App by searching for DLNRTip App in iTunes or Google Play store, or by clicking either of the links below on your mobile device. Or, you can call 808-643-3567.

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